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Bay 4, 6112 30th St SE
AB, T2C 2A6

(403) 764-0505

Build 360 is a commercial construction company in Calgary that provides complete end-to-end project management services.  Founded over 10 years ago and led by our visionary founder, Robin Hahn, the company has grown from being a small team to an organization that thrives on a strong culture, green energy solutions, education and innovations for every type and scale of project.

Our success has always been based on the foundation of our passion for keeping close relationships with our clients, trades and team.  The practical aspects to this is seen in our use of technology to communicate real time with everyone that has a part in a project, along with continuous contact to keep everyone apprised of the developments.  Peace of mind comes not only through knowing what is going on, but that it is being handled completely, on time, and on budget.

Our long term plans for growth are based on our core values in sustainability, going green, communication, relationships, quality and keeping on top of the complete follow up and follow through process.  The success of our future is dependent on how well we develop the education, processes and systems that make us successful in each stage of our growth.

Elevator Lobbies

Your elevator plans are waiting to be built,
let us help you get started with our
free evaluation & planning service.

There is great care taken in transforming a lobby into an elegant and beautiful environment, while maintaining the durability that is required for a high traffic area.  This is one of our projects we have completed here in Calgary for Sovereign.

Your vision, budget, time, energy and peace of mind are very important to us.  We truly look forward to providing you with our free evaluation and planning service to help you get started.

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